Alibrando Psychological Consulting
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Transforming organizations by selecting and growing leaders and teams.

APC Psychological Consulting provides organizational consultation to growth-oriented businesses and organizations. Successful organizations and teams are built on successful relationships — our expertise is in the business of relationships and their role in the development and effectiveness of organizational strategies.


Organizational Development Services

The goal of APC is to facilitate both a philosophical and practical transformation of an organization. This is achieved by maximizing the human factors at work: effective talent selection & on-boarding, leadership development, team or partnership development, and organizational development.

Dr. Sam Alibrando has accumulated a broad portfolio of experience over 35 years as a consultant, therapist, executive director, author, workshop facilitator, adjunct professor, and mediator. However, all these roles have been aimed toward one end: to facilitate the transformation of individuals and organizations, to leverage their strengths and transcend their weaknesses in order to become better at what they do, and to do that with integrity and joy.

In addition, Dr. Alibrando works in conjunction with a group of other trusted advisors and consulting partners in order to deliver a broad band of services and experience.